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General orientation map with bus lines and location of UFP: Link

Getting from the airport to the Students’ Hall of Residence

All taxis at the airport are licensed and have a regulated taxi meter. The ride to the students’ residence should cost around 18 euros (17km plus luggage fare) and last around 25 minutes. Here is the address you should give the taxi driver:

Rua Monte da Luz, 12/16
Foz do Douro – 4150-504 Porto
(Tel. +351 22 616 7040)

If, however, you wish to try other public transportation options there is a direct connection by light rail (Metro do Porto) from the airport to the city centre, with a Z4 “Andante” ticket. You should then get off at station “Casa da Música” and change to bus line 204 (direction “Foz”, works only during daytime) with the same ticket. Leave the bus at the last stop, Foz (located at “Rua de Diu” street), and walk 5 minutes to the address above (total travel time: 1 hour and 15 minutes).

Getting from the Student’s Hall of Residence to University Fernando Pessoa by bus:

UFP is located at Praça Nove de Abril, 349. From the Residence, take bus line 204, direction “Hospital S. João”. Leave at Vale Formoso stop. Turn left when exiting the bus, then straight ahead and turn left at the last intersection; continue walking untill you reach “Arca D’Agua” garden. The university is at the opposite corner of the garden.

Getting to the Students’ Hall of Residence

The residence is located on Rua Monte da Luz 12/16 (Foz do Douro). From UFP, take bus line 204, direction “Foz”, and leave at the last stop.
Bus fare on board; € 1.80
Travel time across the city: 40min. ~ 1 hour

Other bus lines to UFP, the city centre and the Students’ Hall of Residence:
From UFP to Aliados/Trindade/São Bento (city centre): lines 304, 600
From UFP to Boavista/Casa da Música: lines 704, 803
From Aliados to Foz (Residence): lines 200, 500
From Boavista to Foz (Residence): lines 203, 204

Closest Metro Station: “Pólo Universitário”, on the yellow line, 10 minutes walking from UFP

You can try several combinations of bus and subway lines, after you get comfortable using Porto’s transportation system. Upon request the International Relation Office can provide you a statement to get student prices on monthly tickets.

Public transportation journey planner: http://www.itinerarium.net/wizard.aspx?ul=en-us
Porto subway (Metro do Porto): http://www.metrodoporto.pt/en/
Airport: http://www.ana.pt/en-US/Aeroportos/porto/Porto/Pages/Homepage-Porto.aspx

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